A Certain Night's Events
Nyan Koi - 10-3
Episode Ten
Kanji Title ある夜の出来事
Romaji Title Aru Yoru no Dekigoto
Air Date December 03, 2009
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A Certain Night's Events is the tenth episode of the Nyan Koi anime series.


Following from last episode, Sumiyoshi failed her final exam and needed to do a 20 pages of report on the local history of Tokiwa town. Junpei, knowing that the Kirishima’s twins’ father knew about the local history, asked them for help.

They first went to met Keizou, the temple priest. The excited Keizou on seeing young people coming over pulled out his long scroll of the local history. After finishing with the priest’s preaching, Kotone then brought Junpei, Kaede, Sumiyoshi, Nagi, Haruhiko, Kouta and Akari to visit the seven wonders of the town.

The first stop they went to was the Tokiwa shrine. Supposedly the 108 steps turned into 109 steps at midnight and it was also a favourite place for Kotone to curse people.
Nyan Koi - 10 tokiwa shrine

Tokiwa shrine

The second stop was at the children park that cries at night. Thirdly was the haunted cat ground, something making cat noises. Fourth, the apartment complex with no open rooms. Fifth, the bridge of broken-off affairs. Sixth, the abandoned price gouging bar and lastly, the Sun Road’s large Maneki Neko with no whiskers.

Being ignorant, Sumiyoshi vandalized the large summoning cat by drawing whiskers on its face. Akari and Kotone immediately took action to clean the statue and do some cleansing ceremony. Junpei sensing something was not right after they all parted ways.

That night, Junpei stumbled upon Akari and Kotone in some magical girl costumes. They were actually chasing out the angered Maneki Neko’s spirit that was vandalized earlier. Luckily, they managed to appease the angry spirit.

Junpei gave Akari the butterfly-shaped hairpins that Sumiyoshi bought early on. He explained that Sumiyoshi was actually gentle and regretted what she did.

Next day at school, Junpei suddenly felt a chill down his spine. The broken neck cat Jizou was discovered by another person.

Nyan Koi - 10 artic

Chizuru lost!

Mewview Episode

Chizuru Mochizuki was working hard but her no-sense-of-direction gotten her lost to a faraway place (Arctic?!).

In 2002 Snow Festival, a snow sculpture of a cat was carved.


At 11:39 a yukata clan Hatsune Miku look alike is attached to Haruhiko's backpack in the form of a keychain.