Akari Kirishima
Image s
Gender Female
Manga Debut Chapter 12
Anime Debut Episode 6
Voice By
Japanese Seiyuu Haruka Tomatsu
English Seiyuu Cynthia Martinez

Akari Kirishima is a major supporting character in Nyan Koi anime and manga. She is the younger twin sister of Kotone and their father is Keizou Kirishima.


She, along with her sister, knows that Junpei is cursed.[1][2] They do not become cursed as they have innate anti-magic abilities, but only for self-protection. She is tsundere, and has the ability to sense the supernatural. In the anime, Akari was said to not socialize much even at a young age, thus causing her awkwardness when it comes to dealing with people.

The reason for this is because of her strong spiritual affinity, and she subconsciously avoided mingling with other children. She is also shown to have magical powers (though this is not the case in the manga).[3] It is also implied
Nyan Koi - 10-7

Nearly kisses Junpei...

that, like her sister, Akari has feelings for Junpei but it seems that she does not know how to express them as freely as her sister does.


Akari is a freshman in high school who is very close to her sister but doesn't associate with other classmates, until later on in the series. She seems to be very possessive of her sister out of fear of losing her after her parents' divorce, which is why she was more hostile towards Junpei at first. As opposed to her sister who seems to be more quiet and outgoing Akari is shown to be shy in social situations, as well as being loud, irritable and rude (usually towards Junpei) but acts like this towards him because she doesn't know how to properly deal with people other than her sister as a result of her avoiding association with other children.


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