Chizuru Mochizuki
Gender Female
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voice By
Japanese Seiyuu Rina Satou
English Seiyuu Monica Rial

Chizuru Mochizuki (望月 千鶴, Mochizuki Chizuru) is supporting character in Nyan Koi anime series. 

A third-year college student working as a mail carrier when she's not attending lectures. She has no sense of direction and frequently ends up getting lost. She is somewhat perverse and enjoys teasing Junpei. She seems to take a liking to Junpei after he helps her deliver letters in a district she got lost in. Junpei eventually takes up a part-time job at the post office during the winter and they do mail deliveries together. It also seems that she is the only female character that Junpei associates with that does not have feelings for him but when Junpei also work as mail carrier,she begin to have feelings for him.


Chizuru Mochizuki is a person who has no sense of direction at all and that is why she asks Junpei for help delivering the mail in the district. She has a flirting attitude towards Junpei but she shows no love interest in him. She hugs Junpei a lot and he gets embarrassed when she tries to toy with him. She also takes a personal interest in the types of girls he likes because she sees him with different ones. She sees him in different situations with girls and makes comments about them.


Chizuru teasing Junpei

You are blushing!!

Junpei Kousaka: She met him while delivering her mails in an unfamiliar district where she got lost in. She request for help through him in which he accepts and through the whole job, she has a flirtatious attitude towards him. He blushes a lot whenever she flirts with him but she however has no romantic feelings for him. She meets him a couple more time in certain instances when he is with another girl and always has something to say about the situation. When he comes to work for the post office with her she helps him out and they enjoy each other's company. She even takes him out drinking with her but he cannot drink and the next day she gets a hangover where Junpei has a blank look on his face. They help each other out when they can and they are friends but there is no love interest between the two. Although when Junpei begins to work as a mail carrier as well, she begin to develop feelings for him but Junpei doesn’t notice.