Nyan Koi - 11-sumiyoshi
Episode Eleven
Kanji Title フレンズ
Romaji Title Furenzu
Air Date December 10, 2009
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Episode 11

Friends is the eleventh episode in the Nyan Koi anime series.


Last episode, the broken-necked cat Jizou was discovered by Keizou (in disguise) and the land lady. Feeling guilty and responsible, Junpei took on part-time job as postman for the compensation money.

While doing his round at the mall, Junpei saw Sumiyoshi in Santarina outfit, whom also working part-time to make earning. Sumiyoshi misunderstood that Junpei was working hard to earn money to buy Christmas present for Kaede.

When Junpei was looking for Sumiyoshi’s letter box, Sumiyoshi spotted him and then asked him to watch movie together. Junpei on seeing the ticket, rummaged his whole room to find the Nyamsus-alike doll that was given by Sumiyoshi when they were younger.

On seeing the Nyamsus-alike doll, Sumiyoshi was confused. Their misunderstanding began long ago when Sumiyoshi saw Junpei as if giving the doll to another girl classmate. Junpei explained that he was just showing the doll to the classmate. When Junpei returned home that night, Nyamsus who was irritated at Junpei’s stupidness, attacked him using skills that she learned from her younger days.

A new day arrived. Kaede went to buy cake at Sumiyoshi’s workplace. A conscious-stricken Sumiyoshi treated Kaede for free cake. When walking back, Kaede saw Junpei talking to some cats about his curse but later thought nothing of it. Junpei was unaware Kaede overheard him talking. When Junpei back at the postoffice’s toilet, he noticed that he got cat ears!

Mewview Episode

In Mewview, Junpei was panicking about his cat-ears. A passing Haruhiko saw Junpei but just passes off that impossible for Junpei to have cat ears.

Later, it was told that cats can move their ears independently.


During eye-catch around 11:46, Junpei almost said "imagine breaker," the name of Kamijou's ability from Toaru Majutsu no Index.