Nagi Ichinose
Nk3 03
Gender Female
Manga Debut Chapter 6
Anime Debut Episode 4
Voice By
Japanese Seiyuu Yuu Kobayashi
English Seiyuu Kara Greenberg

Nagi Ichinose is a senior on the track team and heir of a powerful Yakuza family from Kyoto. Despite being a girl, she started assuming a more masculine behavior after she was rejected by her first love, who mistakenly assumed she was a guy because of her boyish appearances.

However, after Junpei comforts her, she falls for him and resorts to extreme measures to be beside him, such as attempting to move to his class despite having already coursed it. She suffers from astraphobia, the fear having stemmed from the fact that she was traumatized from seeing her Grandpa getting struck by lightning on several occasions.

She also graces her sudden appearances by sexually harassing Sumiyoshi (often involving grabbing her breasts), and has a rare condition where she gets drunk just by drinking juice or soft drinks.


Nagi shows that she is a very strong willed person, however she is tremendously afraid of thunder and becomes childlike due to it, looking for protection. She is very persistent with Junpei, asking him to marry her a couple times but eventually accepts the fact that he is in love with Mizuno and even tries to help make her his girlfriend. She also tries to get the other girls away from him such as Sumiyoshi when they are at the carnival.

She is also the senior in charge of the track team and takes pride in her work. She likes to show the masculine side of her but that is because of her past love thinking that she was a boy. With Junpei however, she tries to appear more feminine.



Those unforgettable...

Kanako Sumiyoshi: Nagi tries to keep Kanako away from Junpei most of the time and often they both get into fights with one another. Nagi likes to touch Kanako a little too much which sends her on a rampage. They often do not see eye to eye and they think of each other as rivals.

Junpei Kousaka: Nagi loves Junpei ever since he comforted her. She goes out of her way for him and even asks him to marry her on several occasions, which he refuses. She loves him but her grandpa tries to prevent him from getting to close to her. Nagi however, does help Junpei get closer to Mizuno.

Kaede Mizuno: On the track team they both are good friends and they work together. Nagi helps her also get close to Junpei by keeping Kanako away from them so that they could be alone. They however, are not seen often together besides on the field or when they are with Junpei.

Akari Kirishima and Kotone Kirishima: Nagi loves them because of their symmetry.