This is the policy for the image uploads.


  • When you upload a new image do not overwrite any existing images. Always upload new images under a new filename. Uploading images over top of other images messes up the image page's history.
  • The only case where you should make use of the re-upload feature is when you are uploading a better quality image of the same image (same media, same episode/chapter, same scene/page, same basic frame of the episode/manga) overtop of another.
  • Duplicate Images Will be Deleted.

Image origins

  • We only allow official images to be uploaded. Images directly from the anime and manga should be only used. And of course game images for game stuff. However please do not upload a game image for use on a page about something that is also in the anime or manga.
  • Fan drawn images, fan colorings, and other images that have been edited (other than for simple resizing or cropping), will all be deleted unconditionally.

Image quality

  • Please don't upload crappy quality pics. For example: Blurry, extremely low resolution, or images with subtitles and watermarks. It just makes the page look bad.
  • We prefer .png images over .jpg images because .jpg images slowly lose quality each time you save them. Neither of these types of quality loss can be recovered without the original image.
  • Rename the file before you upload it. Sometimes some pictures saved are named out of completely random letters and numbers. Change them before you upload them. If you don't, the file will be moved, if not deleted.