That Man is A Slave?
Nyan Koi - 02 girls
Episode Two
Kanji Title その男 下僕?
Romaji Title Sono Otoko Geboku?
Air Date October 8, 2009
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That Man Is a Slave? is the second episode of Nyan Koi anime.

Episode 2


It’s the Cultural Festival and Junpei’s class is preparing for a maid cafe. Junpei gets excited as he imagined that Kaede will be waiting on him in a maid uniform. While he daydreaming, Kanako Sumiyoshi, Junpei’s childhood friend, came over to borrow scissor and effectively killed his daydreaming mode. Sumiyoshi  appeared in thick makeup, also known as black mamba style.

Later on, Panda, the cat stray which had been secretly living at the school compound asked for Junpei’s help. Panda decided to move away as his hideout has been discovered by a teacher. Before he move though, he would like to express her gratitude to a human girl who had been feeding him all this while. Junpei imagined the human girl either a kaichou-type of a girl, who is responsible or a cute kawaii-type girl that loved cute animals such as cat.

His imagination crushed when Sumiyoshi showed up and cuddled Panda lovingly. Junpei spent the entire day as Sumiyoshi’s servant while looking for an opportunity to express Panda’s gratitude. While hanging out together, Sumiyoshi recalled about their past memories, where she gave Junpei a handmade Nyamsus-like doll. Junpei was sad because of his cat allergy, he could not touch Nyamsus even though he is the owner. Sumiyoshi then saw Junpei gave the doll to another girl, which lead to their many years of misunderstanding.

Back to present day, both Sumiyoshi and Junpei were splashed with water while arguing about Junpei’s forgetting the past. Sumiyoshi then returned to class along with Kaede with minimal makeup. Everyone in the class was shocked as they never saw Sumiyoshi’s face before without thick makeup.

At the end of the day, Sumiyoshi looked for Panda at the usual spot but instead it was Junpei showed up. Junpei pulled himself and then passed Panda’s message to Sumiyoshi, while being watched by Nyamsus, Tama and Panda at the rooftop.

Mewview Episode

In Mewview episode, showed different possible ending when Junpei told Sumiyoshi that he could understand cats. Sumiyoshi disbelief and threatened to tell everyone. Nyamsus extra info that female cat became mature after a year.