The Ugly Cat and the Cursed High-Schooler
Episode One
Kanji Title ブサイクな猫と呪われし高校生
Romaji Title Busaiku na Neko to Norowareshi Koukousei
Air Date October 1st, 2009
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Episode 2
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The Ugly Cat and the Cursed High Schooler is the first episode of the Nyan Koi anime.

Episode 1


Junpei Kosaka, accidently knocked the cat Jizou’s head on his way home from school. He later consulted the local head priest on the origin of the cat Jizou and met Tama the temple cat.

Later on, a couple of kittens asked for Junpei’s help to get rid of a human that had been using devious tactics to trick cats in the nearby park, which also caused the captured cat to be neurotic after being caught with the devious human.

It was later revealed that the human responsible was actually Kaede Mizuno, who were Junpei’s crush from the first day of school. Junpei tried to talk to Kaede about handling cat properly but it all came out wrong as he was being blackmailed by Tama and Nyamsus at the same time, resulting in Junpei unconsciously shouted out loud. Kaede then ran away.

The next day, Junpei tried to apologize to Kaede about his outburst yesterday. Instead of being mad, Kaede apologized first and said she understood what Junpei meant to say, about treating cat more nicely. (She thought the same reaction applied to both cats and dogs. E.g. Waggling tails means happy for dog but angry with cat.). She then asked if she could came over to Junpei’s house to play with Nyamsus.

Mewview Episode


It was revealed that Kaede had a Bernese, a Lab, a Husky and a Shepherd as pet dogs.