What is Your Name?
Nyan Koi - 03-kaede
Episode Three
Kanji Title キミの名は
Romaji Title Kimi no Na wa
Air Date October 15, 2009
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What is Your Name? is the third episode of the Nyan Koi anime.


Episode 3
It’s a week after the festival, photos of the festival had already been spread around and Junpei was still daydreaming about Kaede in maid uniform next to Jizou’s shrine. Suddenly a mail woman appeared from the temple’s fence, the appearance of Chizuru Mochizuki. Junpei discovered that the mail woman totally had no sense of direction and decided to help her out. The cats agreed as this could be a good opportunity to help around the local cats.
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Chizuru's ID

Meanwhile, Junpei tried to avoid being seen with Mochizuki by his classmates, unaware that Sumiyoshi saw him from the back. Later on, while Junpei was being hugged by Mochizuki, they were spotted by Kaede, who was walking her dogs. Without waiting for another word, she ran away, leaving Junpei disheartened. 

Moving on, Junpei reminisced about the first day when he met with Kaede. At that time, she was trying to save a kitten trapped above a tree but slipped and ending up with stepping on Junpei, who acted as cover when she fell. She then spoke as the representative of the new students.

Junpei, who is figuring about Kaede, felt shocked and awed as he discovered Kaede is both pretty and smart, as only the highest scorer in the entry exam would be the new student representative.  The next day, Junpei explained to Kaede about him only helping Mochizuki to show around the area. Kaede accepted Junpei’s explanation but showed sad face after he left. A man(?) In red tracksuit showed contempt towards Junpei...

Mewview Episode

In Mewview episode, alternate story about Kaede’s athletic ability allowed her to spin at the tree branch instead of falling, unconsciously kicked far away the supposed-to-be-rescued kitten.

Nyamsus stated that the bag in the “Cat in the Bag” phrase was actually a paper bag.


At about 00:53, Junpei watches Kaede do a high jump though a chain link fence. This is very similar to a scene in Suzuka, in which the main character Yamato watches Suzuka do a high jump and comments on how dazzling she looks.
Nyan Koi - 03 kaede